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Located in the corner of Le Thanh Ton street and Chu Manh Trinh Street, District 1, Le Banh Mi Café & Baguette is established in 2012. Le Banh Mi was inspired by Vietnamese cuisine’s love of Vietnamese girl’s group friend. There are 4 people in this group, included a Vietnamese girl from Ha Noi, an American, a couple of a French chef with a Japanese girl. All of them live a long time in Sai Gon, Vietnam. They created together French baguette in an innovating style with 3 unique sauces: Bale sauce, Phu Quoc sauce, and Umami sauce. Phu Quoc sauce is made of mayonnaise and fish sauce from Phu Quoc island, that is for Vietnam, Bale sauce is the mix of mayonnaise and black pepper com– the love for French and Umami sauce made of mayonnaise and wasabi– the love for Japan. According to this Asian-European cuisine, Le Banh Mi is keeping the original taste of baguette while delivering many delicious dishes from Ha Noi.

Inspired from “Ha Noi in Indochine period”, Le Banh Mi is designed and built to bring a vintage space that is reminiscent of old days such as brick wall without paint, the floor paved with patterned tiles, art paintings and sourvernir from Indochine period. The facade of Le Banh Mi is decorated with tables and big umbrella that creates an “open space”. This makes customer both enjoy baguette in Vietnamese style, together with a cup of coffee while observing the Le Thanh Ton’s crowded, and lively town in District 1.



Mr. Dũng

Mr. Dung with over 20-years-experienced in cooking is currently creating the spirit of each dish of Le Banh Mi.
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